A Different Disability Podcast

Kyle and Emily looking goofy into a camera, contemplating starting a disability podcast called The Accessible Stall. (Just kidding, this podcast was alive and well when this picture was taken.)

What is The Accessible Stall?

The Accessible Stall is a disability podcast hosted by Kyle Khachadurian and Emily Ladau that keeps it real about issues within the disability community. Because we each have different disabilities and mobility levels, we approach everything we talk about with two unique viewpoints, offering our listeners a fresh insight into how differences in disability can color your experiences and perspectives. And we never shy away from offering our honest opinion. Even if they go against the grain of the disability community at large, we always speak our minds.

That doesn’t make your disability podcast different.

Having a podcast that talks about disability is actually pretty rare. That aside, we’re not here to amplify the status quo opinions of the greater disability community. Instead, our disability podcast challenges views and expectations. We ask tough questions that try to dig deep into the why behind the issues. Of course things like ableism and inspiration porn are bad, but why? The answers may not be so obvious to everyone – especially people who don’t identify as disabled. So, instead of just echoing the notions of the disability community, we break them down and work on making sense of difficult topics. And, as it happens, some of our most interesting episodes are the results of us confronting our own personal beliefs and biases while recording.

It sounds like all you guys do is argue.

Yep. That’s exactly what we do. While we almost always agree on larger issues, we tend to disagree on solutions and resolutions. That’s how this whole thing got started, anyway. Our friends were tired of hearing us argue so we decided to make a disability podcast and let the internet hear us instead.

We try to bring honest discussions to the table each time we record an episode. We’re always trying to improve our content and – more importantly – ourselves. We genuinely welcome listener criticism and feedback. Feel free to email us or tweet at us anytime you want to join the conversation!