Bonus Episode: Halloween and Happiness

(Intro Music)


E: Hi, I’m Emily Ladau


K: And I’m Kyle Khachadurian


E: And you’re listening to another episode of The Accessible Stall


K: What are we gonna talk about today, Emily?


E: Happiness!


K: Happiness?


E: Yeah, I’m not even really sure I know what that is right now, but uh, let’s unpack it!


K: Can we start with something that would make us happy?


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E: That’s pretty magical 


K: Isn’t technology great?


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K: We like friends, don’t we? Friends make us happy!


E: Yeah, happiness. Let’s talk about happiness because the News cycle is bumming me out and honestly I feel like this episode is going to be evergreen.


K: That’s just a testament to how depressing how the news is and will


E: We could put this on in five months from now and it’d still be sad


K: Yeah, exactly. That’s sad, but you know what? This isn’t a time to be sad, this is a time to reflect on what makes us happy. 


E: So this is gonna be a pretty light and chill episode. I just wanna talk about the things that we do to make ourselves happy and to cope. I’m not really here to throw around “self-care” as a buzzword right now but I do believe that there are little things that we do for self-care. And I know that we talked in a previous episode about burnout and we’ve talked about just sort of feeling exhausted physically and things like that, but okay now that we’ve talked about that, let’s talk about the flipside. What do we do to make ourselves happy?


K: It’s funny, this would’ve been like a decent addendum to our mental health episode, our mental health and self-help episode, but like you said with the way the world is now, I think it deserves to stand on its own. I don’t know about you, but I like to do this little show called The Accessible Stall with my best friend.


E: Me too!


K: Oh my God!


E: I’m so happy! Okay, you know what Kyle and I do when we’re not podcasting? So here are some things we do that make us happy when we’re not podcasting. We go out for expensive meals. Not on the Patreon dime!


K: Never! God, never. That’s cruel


E: Patreon is just for um…


K: …The podcast


E: The podcast and transcription. But we like a fancy meal maybe like three times a year


K: A dessert or three


E: Yeah, several desserts. But we do it very rarely


K: Yeah but, it’s coming up, it’s coming up! It’s been awhile


E: It is. It’s almost time to do that. Um, we saw a Broadway Show. That was pretty good.


K: Yeah, we do that too! Sometimes when we’re bored and upset we just do really cool things with each other.


E: Yeah, sometimes we stay on Skype for literal hours


K: Telling each other horrendously bad jokes. And I don’t mean offensive, I just mean they’re offensive to comedy, like they’re bad jokes. Like, “What did the zero say to the eight?” “Nice belt!”


E: Or, “What do you call a duck’s butt crack?” “A butt quack!” (laughs)


(Comedic symbol crash)


E: So yeah, that kind of nonsense we tell it to each other. What else do we do to kind of chill and let go?


K: This is something that I do. I don’t mean for this to sound self-help-esque but this is something that I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed and by extension, it relieves the overwhelming feeling and then I become happier. And that is, I stay off Social.


E: Oh yeah!


K: It’s so hard because it’s literally my job, too


E: Same. Same. Although we have a social media addiction. Not just us, like, as a whole. 


K: No, as a society, yeah


E: I was just watching a video earlier today in my attempt to escape the news cycle and  I opened up Youtube and put on a video from BuzzFeed Ladylike where they escaped social media for a week for their mental health. And the irony did not escape me that I was using someone else’s escape from social media as my escape from social media.


K: And not only that but they were monetizing and profiting off it too


E: Oh yeah


K: What level of capitalism is that?


E: laughs


K: That’s some advanced crap there. 


E: But It did make me feel better knowing at least that I was not alone and it was also twenty minutes that I spent not watching the news.


K: Sometimes I read a book. In fact, I read quite often I don’t know why I say sometimes I read a book 


E: Yeah, I was gonna say


K: Like reading is quite a large hobby of mine. But it’s still something that It relaxes me, it helps me sleep.


E: I for awhile was trying to gobble up all the Social Justice related books that I could find and then I realized that it’s okay for reading to also be a break for me. So i just took out some like, fiction the other day. Just straight up fiction. 


K: Wow! Look at you, ya little rebel! Reading about fantasy worlds and things that aren’t real? Who does that except for like, tons and tons of people all the time?

E: Oh my God, I was so excited. It was also a long time since I took a book out from the library because I always put them on my Kindle now!


K: Haven’t you ever seen Arthur? “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card?” 


E:  Oh the Library Card. Arthur’s my jam. Also sometimes I like to revert to being a child. Like, I read a couple of chapters from some of my favorite books from when I was younger.


K: Oh yeah, 100%


E: That’s so much fun


K: This sounds so like, emo. But anything that takes off the weight of the world 


E: and believe me we’re not saying we’re the most depressed people over here. 


K: Far from it, but that’s sort of the point, right? If we’re not even that far into ths, imagine how it could be, and imagine how it is for some people, you know?


E: Everyone deserves a break. They really do.


K: It’s exhausting. Everyone needs a break.


E: So, time for like my more secret things that I do. I love watching grocery shopping calls on Youtube. 

K: What?! What the hell are you talking about? Wow!


E: Oh my, God!


K: Okay I’m sitting down for this one Hold on, I’m already sitting but now I’m gonna get comfty…Comfy! “Comfty. I’m gonna get comfty!”


E: Okay, there are like moms who live in the middle of the country and they’ll go to  Costco and buy so much stuff or like, they’ll go to Trader Joes and buy a ton of stuff. And they’ll lay it out on the table and be like, “And so I bought a bunch of bananas and like, a box of crackers, and like this package of bologna!” And like, I get such a kick out of it. 


K: What does it do for you? I’,m not making fun, I’m like legitimately asking.


E: Um. It is the most mundane thing on the internet. For me, anyway


K: Interesting. Hmm. My YouTube guilty pleasure? Oh dear. I have a couple of channels, I think I’ve got like three of em’ where it’s typically men but there are a few women where they talk about technology that are older than me. Not the people, although they are too, the technology’s older than me. And it’s just very soothing because I’m a huge nerd and i like stuff like that. But just, I don’t know it makes me relax like, “Look how things used to be!” 


E: Plus you always find cool stuff to send me to watch


K: Oh yeah, I will brag about my impeccable YouTube subscription fee. I mean, it is my magnum opus as a person on this Earth, obviously. 


(Emily laughs)


E: Not your Reddit subs?


K: Oh wow, you know what? I didn’t even consider them, Emily that’s a whole dimension that I hadn’t thought of. 


E: See I also, I love Reddit. And Kyle was the one who got me into Reddit. 


K: i’m sorry. 


E: And do you remember when I first started and I was like, “This is amazing!” Like every day, five times a day for like, three weeks?


K: The thing about Reddit is as with any place on the internet, right? The vast majority of it is fine and the remaining two percent is terrible and anyone who doesn’t know about the site will only see the two percent of it that’s terrible. The cool thing about Reddit is, you don’t have to see any of that. You can just pick what you like! And so it’s just this  wonderful, magical place where you can subscribe to all your favorite things and it’s just like a never ending stream of stuff that you love.


E: I curated the heck out of my Reddit feed so it’s really nothing that can bum me out. I have a ton of animal subReddits. “Bread Stapled to Trees…” 


K: I love “Bread Stapled to Trees!” 


(Both laugh)


E: And if you’re wondering what it is, it’s literally pictures of bread stapled to trees


K: Just Google it, guys! You’ll enjoy it if you’re like us. 


K: Audicational?


E: Audicational is so good!


K: Pictures of baby animals with facts about those animals


E: Eye Bleach


K: Eye Bleach. For when you’ve seen something horrible and need some eye bleach to make you feel better!


E: Mhmm


K: It’s a metaphor


E: Dogs with Jobs


K: Yes.  Dogs with Jobs. It’s exactly what it sounds like


E: Also I find things like Shower Thoughts really fun and Today I Learned is really  fun


K: Sometimes Today I Learned has very, very cool things on it


E: Oh and Oddly Satisfying! We should just have a reading of our Reddits 


K: I realize the teensy bit of irony in that we just said how important it is to disconnect from technology and we’re discussing how Reddit makes us happy.

E: Okay but I think that disconnecting from technology and disconnecting from mind aspects, are different. 


K: Oh yeah you’re so right! I said Social Media. Right, I didn’t say the internet.


E: Well, but Reddit is technically a form of social media


K: That’s true, that’s true.


E: But I feel like it’s a lot more curated for me.  Like when I go on there, I have my feed. I’m not looking at the news. I’m looking at pictures of puppies doing zoomies.


K: And by the way, if you don’t know what zoomies are 


E: Treat yo’ self.


K: That is when an animal, particularly a dog, gets overly excited at abolutely nothing at all and starts running around in circles all dog like and cutie like.


E: Well here’s an in real life tradition that I do IRL, I try to pet every dog I meet.


K: Yeah, she does. It’s kind of embarrassing really because I don’t do that at all


E: Laughs


K: Like, she won’t even ask! I don’t know, yes you do. Like sometimes cuteness does overtake you and it’s just like, “Hello, Oh my God!” You don’t even see the person there.


E: Ohkayyy, you talk to dogs all the time 


K: I talk to dogs before  I talk to the people. That is a thing that I do. 


E: Yeah whenever we’re out somewhere he’ll go like, “HELLO!”


K: “You have a strange human!”


(Both laugh)


E: I will touch every dog I can possibly get my hands on. And I will tell them I love them even though I just met them because I do love them, cause there’s a dog.


K: ONe time when i was waiting for you, I was watching two stranger dogs attached to two stranger humans get into a playful dog fight, and they kept going for like twenty minutes and these strangers, it was these two young women and they had to talk to each other because they were just standing there waiting for their dogs to stop play fighting and they had a whole conversation, it was really like, it was beautiful.


E: Do you remember the dog we met in the apartment building when we were recording the NYC Kids Project episode?


K: Aw. I had never had a person look at me like that dog looked at me. 


E: We have a picture of that. We’ll insert that somewhere. 


K: It’s a beautiful picture


E: Dogs are great


K: Yes, dogs are the best people.


E: is the moral of that story. But aside from grocery hauls and dogs, I also love make-up videos even though I don’t wear makeup, except for lipstick which is great. I love mindless fun videos. Like crafting and cooking and just fun little escapes. But lately I’ve started to realize why am I watching a video about it when I could be doing it? 


K: Yeah. I like to watch videos of things I can’t do. 


E: Kyle can solve a Rubix Cube like no one’s business.


K: Yes. It is a hidden talent of mine that I brag about constantly so it’s not hidden at all.


E: I don’t think the interwebs know about it


K: Well now they do. “I can solve a Rubix Cube”


E: Meanwhile I get every Rubix Cube I can get my hands on, including I would like to say…


K: G’head


E: I gave Kyle the world’s best present. It was a “Build it Yourself” Rubix Cube and he let me sit on Skype with him while he built it. 


K: For two hours! I don’t even remember why it took so long. It was just, the excitement was making my hands shake.


E: Once he built it, he solved it like right away and it was so fun!

K: Yeah it took like two hours and Emily just sat there like she wasn’t bored out of her mind just watching me put it together.


E: No, that’s mesmerizing.


K: Yeah. it was pretty cool. Still it’s my main. (15:20)


E: And speaking of building things, you’re always tinkering with stuff


K: I’ve got a bag full of old Macs that I’m going to upgrade when I have some extra money 


E: He loves him a good computer project


K: It’s so good..Don’t don’t! This is not the time, this is not “The Kyle Show.” 


E: “Let me tell you about the  processor of this Mac from 2011 and… “  (giggles) He doesn’t talk like that


K: She almost made me spit out my water. No I don’t like that but those are the words I say. I’m always like, “Yo, you got a second?” And she’s such a good friend, she knows what’s gonna happen after she says “Yes.” But she says “Yes” anyway.


E: And then a stream of messages 


K: And then I’m like, “Great! Here’s like an ocean length thing of what I’m doing.” 


E: ”Do these Computers! Let me send you pictures from every angle.” 


K: But God, I do that, it’s so annoying, I’m so sorry.


E: No it’s totally fine. I think it’s so funny that you nerd out over this stuff. Meanwhile, I’m not a very tech savvy person 


K: You’re just like, “Oh that’s great! Wow! Cool!” (Both laugh) She lies right to my face and I let her do it. 


E: I’m never lying


K: No, that’s true, that’s true. 


E: Like I thought it was really cool when you showed me that the Mac still had the CD drive. 


K: Oh it does! I’m gonna replace that with a bigger hard drive. I’m gonna replace that with a bigger hard drive where the old one where the second one used to be.


E: See, like that’s so cool! Yeah, no a lot of our lives are just technology based, we’re just those kind of people. 


K: I mean, if we wanna relate that back to being disabled just for the sake of keeping within the scope of or show, a lot of technology enables us to be who we are.


E: That is so profound. 


K: Not to sound like…Like, “I’m 14 and This is Deep” which is also a great subreddit that everyone should subscribe to.


(Emily laughs)


K: But, as for most disabled people, technology makes things convenient, and for us, some of technology makes things possible. And so, to say we rely on it is an understatement, really. Because we rely on it a lot differently and perhaps more in-depth than you know, Joe Schmoe does because he has an IPhone.


E: Technology makes us who we are. 


K: Yeah 


E: Technology allows us to be who we are. We are who we are because of technology. What?


K: The consequence of that is in like fifty years, America will have like six companies and nothing else. 


E: I wanna be a robot. 


K: You wanna be a robot?


E: Yeah I feel like that would be cool


K: Okay let me ask you a hypothetical question that has nothing to do with happiness but we’re gonna put this episode out regardless of what we’re saying so let’s say that robots became…(both laughing) Cause I mean, in all seriousness like AI is the forefront of the Silicon Valley people right now. Let’s say that one of them becomes aware of its own existence and asks for rights. I don’t think we would give it to them, and I also think that it would be not a great idea to, to be honest. 


E: No I’m with you, but that is like a sticky wicket 


K: Not for me, not at all, no way. Mmm-mmm. And I would challenge anyone who is an AI defener to not…Like if you think that that’s gonna end well, you live in Disney World!


E: This took a turn! Aside from robots becoming self aware and taking over the world, you know what else Kyle and I do?


K: Oh what do we do? I don’t even know!


E: We take BuzzFeed quizzes and compare answers!


K: That’s so lame


(Both laugh)


K: Sorry, that’s an ableist word, I can’t say it anymore but it’s so true, we do that!


E: It is. And was it last night, was it last night? For like an extra twenty minutes just ranking breakfast cereals?


K: It was. That was literally yesterday


E: But I have no shame about it


K: None at all, no. None. You see? I know that this is a serious podcast and we like talk about Disability and the cultural ethos and politics and all that crap but sometimes EMily and I just rank breakfast cereals.


E: Okay let’s do it right now! Top Five, ready? Go!


K: Uhh. 


Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Honey Bunches of Oats

Honey Nut Cheerios


…There are no other breakfast cereals


(Emily laughs)


E: Okay mine is Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds!


K: Oh! With Almonds,  sorry, yes yes! Honey Bunches of Oats with Almonds is the supreme member of the Honey Bunches of Oats family. 


E: Quaker Oat Squares and uhhh…Wheat Chex. I’m kind of boring


K: Okay it’s almost Halloween, I know we kind of broke the evergreens-ness by saying that but what is your Top FIve?


E: Oh No! Oh this is hard. Okay:




Uhhh…I don’t really eat candy!


K: That is the most depressing thing that 


E: No, I mean I eat candy all the time but I’ll never just like buy a bar of it.


K: She’s such a glutton, she never pays attention to what she’s eating, she just like shovels it… 


E: No that’s you!


K: No, that is me. Um,




E: Oooh Twix!


K: Twix


Almond Joy, I love Almond Joy!


E: Oh how did I forget about that, yes!


K: Can I just…Can I share with the internet my problem with Almond Joy? 


E: Yeah. Lay it on us.


K: The company that makes Almond Joy also makes Mounds. Mounds has the superior in every way, dark chocolate. I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate, but dark chocolate goes better with coconut than milk chocolate does. Almond Joy has milk chocolate, coconut, and the best nut to grace the company of chocolate, which is almonds. I want to live to see the day where there is a Dark Chocolate Almond Joy. They made it once, I know it’s possible. Give it to me. Please. 


E: Here’s my gripe. Almond Joy’s only come with like one almond, strategically placed every so often. And it’s like, “No, give me all the almonds!” 


K: I would happily pay more for a greater almond density


E: Same!


K: Yeah it’s not even fair.


E: Yeah, and I don’t love fruity candies but I love Gummy Bears


K: I had a girlfriend once that or valentine’s day bought for me two five pound bags of gummy bears, and for those of you that can’t do math, that is ten pounds of gummy bears!


(Emily laughs)


K: And I ate them all!


E: You know what else is really underrated? Hershey Kisses.


K: I love Hershey Kisses!


E: Also Cadbury Chocolate. Cadbury Mini Eggs? Oooh!


K: Wait. There’s two kinds of Cadbury Mini Eggs. There’s the little, little ones with the M&M  pastel shell. 


E: That one!


K: Kay, I like those!


E: Oh, Creme Eggs are garbage!


K: Creme Eggs are garbage in America. If you import them from better places, they’re delicious!


(Emily laughs)


E: No, that’s fair, that’s fair. But I’ve never had an imported Cadbury


K: Have you had a European Kit Kat on the “Imported Chocolate with Kyle and Emily Show?” made with very, very superior chocolate and I will buy you one.

E: In Japan they have…


K: Yeah well the Japanese has the same, it’s the non-American Kit Kat that doesn’t… Their better  


E: Although I do love Kit Kats


K: Oh! I forgot my Number One! I didn’t even say my favorite candy bar, I don’t even know how I forgot it.


E: Take 5! …Sorry


K: Take 5! Yeah. Take 5 is so good. It’s got everything


E: I know your life


K: I also love the new Hershey’s Gold Bar but I don’t eat them as much as I’d like because… The little mini version, like the Hershey’s nugget version of those has Owls on them. 


E: Do they?


K: Yeah


E: Oh I love Hershey’s Cookies & Cream.


K: Ugh me too!


E: I think Kyle and I have a candy problem. Okay, here’s a cute story. So my family and I were cleaning our DVD Collection and our old Home VHS tape collection and reorganizing it tonight and so I wanted to watch some of our old home videos. And so there’s this video of me, I think it’s like my fourth or fifth birthday and we had just blown out the candles on my cake and I was insistent on opening my present, and it’s a chocolate bar. So I start throwing a fit of excitement and I’m like, “Mommy look! Mommy look!” And you hear my mom going, “Maybe you should wait a little while to eat that until your belly starts to feel better.” And just like no pause whatsoever I’m like, “No, I’m feeling better already!” And I just start ripping into the chocolate bar. And I feel like that’s just my vibe.


K: Did they get you on camera throwing it up afterwards? 


E: No but that probably happened. I throw everything up.


K: Oh, that’s most unfortunate. 


E: I don’t mean I throw everything up like in a bad way… 


K: No she just literally tosses things up in the air all the time. 


(Emily laughs)


E: No I throw up a lot, sorry trigger warning, okay. 


K: Can I pose a question to our listeners? People who like Twizzlers? Why? What’s wrong with you? Who hurt you?


E: I would never choose them, put I’d probably eat them if it was in front of me


K: I hate Twizzlers! And I hate Red Vines! And I hate licorice. And I hate Good and Plenty. And I hate Necco Wafers, and I hate Now and Laters


E: Laffy Taffy?


K: Ehhh, the jokes are bad.


E: How did we turn this into a candy show?


K: Oh, I don’t know. Any candy where the yellow is banana and not lemon can die in a fire.


(Emily laughs)


E: I agree


K: People who hand out Double Bubble on Halloween, why do you do this?


E: I agree. This just turned into a Halloween Candy episode.


K: That’s right up there with people who hand out raisins? It’s like, you know…that’s not candy!


E: I like raisins. Only if they’re covered in chocolate


K: I don’t. Even if I did. Halloween is a holiday for people to knock on strangers’ doors and get candy! Or candied apples, or if you’re a person with dietary issues and you follow that weird blue pumpkin thing that doesn’t seem to catch on anywhere but seems to be on the internet every year, toys. 


E: See that Blue Pumpkin thing is a fabulous idea but because it doesn’t catch on as much as it should.


K: I love the idea of it truly, but I have never seen a blue pumpkin anywhere but on the internet.


E: I saw one once but in a store. It’s Nut Free, right?


K: It’s what?


E: Is it for allergen free?


K: Yeah it’s for non-food. It is because of allergies but it’s “You’re not getting food at this house.” It’s, “We’ll give something to your kid that isn’t food so we know that they’re safe.” So like little toys and stuff like that


E: One time I got like a little container of PlayDoh while I was Trick or Treating. That was good stuff!


K: Did you ever 


E: Okay let’s discuss Halloween costumes!


K: Did you ever have neighbors that gave you like, pennies?


E: I feel like I did get a few pennies which is nonsense


K: Literally 


(Both laugh)


K: Yeah


E: Okay Halloween costumes


K: Uh, my best Halloween costume was 2015, no not 2015, 2013. I was a Cereal Killer. I glued a bunch of little boxes of cereal to my shirt and I got fake blood and I cut little holes in the middle and I got a bunch of plastic knives and put them in the holes that I made and I was a Cereal Killer. And I was wearing it to a Halloween party and a guy walked in dressed like Justin Bieber and I said, “Yo man, you’re Justin Bieber” and he said, “And you’re a Cereal Killer.” And that was the greatest human interaction I’ve ever had with a human being, to this day. I’ve never felt so understood.


(Emily laughs)


E: You do love a good pun. 


K: I live for em’


E: So I have been a ladybug, I have been a yellow M&M, I have been a doctor. Although my favorite I think was a Twister Board. 


K: You’ve been a Twister Board?


E: It was a dress that looked like a Twister board.


K: Did you have someone follow you around with a spinner?


E: I had a little spinner hat? It got a little out of hand because people were like, “Right hand red!”


K: On your tits?


E: And then like, stick it on my tits, 


K: Yeah!  (Both laugh). We used to have this family that lived in the neighborhood next to hours and this guy had this mansion that he must have been renting, because he doesn’t live there anymore. Maybe he owned it, but whatever. He was an artist and he would make his own Halloween decorations and every year he would go HAM. He would every year do his whole house, his whole lawn, around his house. He’d also do every other holiday, like President’s Day for some reason because I guess he just really liked George Washington. 


E: George Washington’s a cool guy


K: Yeah, he was pretty good. He was the reason why we’re all here. But I don’t like him enough to like, put a monument on my lawn, for em’ But to each their own… 


E: I love holiday decorations. You know what gives me happiness? I can’t believe I didn’t mention it. I love decorating. Like for Fall and for Winter? 


K: Yeah 


E: I love decorating. So I’m Jewish so I don’t do the whole Christmas decoration thing obviously, but my winter decorations? On point! You want some sparkly snowflakes? This is the place to be! You want a snowglobe? This is the place to be!


K: We have these religious neighbors who have a Nativity scene in their backyard all year round. And like, God Bless them, I’m not making fun but Nativity to me is so, so Christmas-y that when I look at it in April I’m just like, “What are you doing?” (Chuckles) I mean no offense to them their really, really wonderful people but that is a Christmas themed thing! 


E: Yeah I love looking at Christmas decorations too. One thing that I did when I was practicing driving with my dad was we would go and drive around my neighborhood and since it was the dead of winter, we would look at Christmas lights. It was really great. 


K: Christmas lights shining through snow is like one of my simple pleasures in life.


E: Aw, so beautiful. 


K: Like I know that sounds sort of cheesy but for some reason when I think about that, it feels romantic even though I’ve never been in a romantic position  where I’m staring at Christmas lights through snow and somehow that feels romance to me.


E: It’s so romantic. I always remember I was in my Freshman year and we were sitting around some table in one of my seminar classes in college and I can’t remember the conversation we were having. But there was a student who had come to our school from India on a Student Visa. And he wasn’t super participatory, but we got on the topic of Christmas and everyone was going around the table and he was like, “I think Christmas is beautiful!” And we were all just like, “Yeah!” And I was like, “If that’s one of your impressions of this country, then that’s cool.” 


K: That is amazing.


E: That’s cool, because Christmas at least in the sense of Christmas lights? Really beautiful


K: Christmas is my favorite holiday. Truly. It is beautiful. Everything about it is amazing. 


E: I thought Thanksgiving was your favorite holiday?


K: To be a glutton! I mean, I love to eat, eating is my favorite thing besides breathing. But in terms of an overall situation? Can’t beat Christmas. Especially here. My goodness, Christmas in New York is no joke. 


E: Do you remember when we schlepped through New York City to show our friends? And I’m pretty sure one of them is listening…Hi Ashley!


K: Uhh, the Rockefeller Tree? Hey do you want some oddly specific Christmas related News?! 


E: Sure!

K: FAO Schwarz is reopening in November!


E: No they’re not!


K: At 30 Rock!

E: I’ve never been to FAO Schwarz. Can we take a field trip, please? 


K: You’ve never been to FAO Schwarz?


E: No I never went before it closed. 


K: You’ve never had like the little German dude at the door be like, (With German accent) “Welcome to FAO Schwarz!” Like you’ve never had that in your life?


E: Why do you sound like a Jewish grandma more than a German guy?


K: Cause she probably used to be from Germany before the world happened and became your grandma! 


E: Um, I’m into it. Let’s go. I’ve never been. That’s amazing, let’s do it! Kyle and I also have a picture in front of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree because all these people were taking romantic pictures so we just took one where we’re looking angrily at each other. 


K: Yeah it was really cute! (Laughs)


E: Ugh, we’re even cute when we’re angry.


K: Oh God.


E: Anyway, what was even the point of this episode?


K: I don’t know but it made me happy so like, we got here!


E: Yeah no, I feel like in a good mood about this. Sometimes it’s nice to just shoot the breeze, right? 


K: Yeah. I think when the world is a bit dark it’s important to reflect on the things that make you happy.


E: And plus I hope it gave our listeners a little insight into the fact that we are not all Disability 24/7.


K: I’m glad that we did this because I often worry about that. Like, I guess the people that know us know that we’re not Disability robots 24/7. But if you’re somebody that doesn’t know us in real life or know of us on Social, I guess this is your little peek behind the curtain into who we are as people. 


E: And I really wanna hear what makes our listeners happy, because that  also makes me happy. Knowing that you’re happy makes me happy.


K: Happiness is contagious, 


E: Like are you well? I hope you’re well! It’s rough out there.


K: Cause if you’re not, there’s so much to live for and you should be as happy as you can.


E: And we mean that, we’re not just saying that


K: No, I mean that sincerely. Like 100%


E: Cause we have definitely both been there. 


K: We’ve talked about it on this show!


E: Yeah, no we have. And sometimes it’s really nice to talk about things that make you happy. You know what else makes me happy? I have the Tamagotchi app on my phone and I’m on level twenty. 


K: Can I tell you what makes me happy?


E: Yeah


K: I have a game on my phone. You become a Chicken Farmer basically. I am in the top ten percent  of Chicken Farms worldwide!


E: You get it! Oh man! High five, that’s eggcellent!


K: Oh God!


E: Oh boy, this is devolving quickly.


K:  You’re really throwing me for an “eggstitential” loop right now. 


E: (Laughs) Didn’t mean to ruffle your feathers! …The face he just made at me was just worth its weight in gold. 


K: I think it’s about time we call it. 


E: It is. But please, everyone take some time to do something that makes you happy! And then tell us about  it because we’re very curious about what makes other people happy.

K: Especially if you are…Cause I know we have some activist-y people who listen to us. Especially if you’re one of those people, um I would like to know the things that make you happy that doesn’t have to do with Disability Activism or whatever flavor you practice. 


E: Tell us your favorite cereals and your favorite candy!


K: Oh yes. 


E: Controversial answers welcome


K: Controversial answers preferred! No plain, regular Hershey Bar answers in our DM for this!


E: Not gonna lie to you, I really like Hershey bars.


K: I prefer the King Size one because the thicker chocolate makes it taste better.


E: I do love chocolate with a good snap! So yeah…this has been another episode of The Accessible Stall. Do we have anything else to say to our listeners?


K: Yeah. If you’re willing and able to support the podcast please go to for just $1 a month you guarantee personally that all episodes of the Accessible Stall from here on out will be transcribed. And might we also say, “You look good today!” 


E: Fabulous, darling


K: Just radiant!


E: Thanks so much for listening


K: See ya next time


E: Bye!