Episode 80: 2019 And Beyond

Emily: Hi, I’m Emily Ladau.
Kyle: I’m Kyle Khachadurian.
Emily: You’re listening to another episode of The Accessible Stall.
Kyle: What are we going to talk about today, Emily?
Emily: How much we love the people who are listening to us right now.
Kyle: It’s so much, so much.
Emily: Also, we love the people who are listening to us for the first time. We love the people who are listening to us for what the 80th time at this point.
Kyle: What are you still doing here? Haven’t you gotten sick of us, well, really glad you have him because we still love you.
Emily: We started this thing, what is it? Three years ago. Was it 2016?
Kyle: Yes. We’re going on our fourth year in this coming year.
Emily: Oh my gosh. We thought that this was going to be a little side project and to be quite honest with you, I don’t generally stick to things this long. I mean, okay, if we’re talking about diets, for example, I suppose it’s a trigger warning here, but I’m just kidding around, I promise, I do not stick to diets. I’m very bad at it. I wake up and I’m like, I’m going to be healthy and then I just continue to not do anything to change my life style but this podcast, have I start to this podcast.
Kyle: It sound like you drink water and you’re like, I’m healthy now and then you never drink water again until like a month later. Then you have some water and it’s like I’m healthy now. I shouldn’t say that though because I drink still lot of water.
Emily: I know, I chug water all the time. I mean, I’m probably on bottle three or four today.
Kyle: You, wait, you don’t have a reusable water bottle?
Emily: Yes, no. I mean the third time refilling my reusable water bottle.
Kyle: I was about to shame you. This isn’t a straw.
Emily: Hold while I take a sip of my liquid refreshment.
Kyle: Yes, Emily is now drinking water and she’s let me talk for a second, which is a giant mistake.
Emily: I love water so much. What is the point of this episode?
Kyle: Water is the best drink. Everyone checks out the hydro homies in subreddit.
Emily: I’m not subscribed to that one.
Kyle: It’s just a bunch of people who love water.
Emily: I’m going to have to subscribe to that one. Kyle tells me all the best subreddits like bread stapled to trees, and awful everything.
Kyle: And stupid food. That’s a good one.
Emily: I also really like fellow kids and what are some other good ones?
Kyle: We want plates.
Emily: We want plates. Oh, I once had one get a lot of what are the karma?
Kyle: Oh, yes, you are on the FrontPage.
Emily: Yes, of we want plate.
Kyle: We want plate, right. It was something in a shoe.
Emily: It was in a shoe. I only like food in the shoe.
Kyle: We want places as subreddit where you show off food that is served on anything but a plate.
Emily: There is also a disability subreddit but it’s not usually Poppin. Sometimes there’s some interesting stuff in there.
Kyle: Yes.
Emily: Like one time.
Kyle: That’s just the way it is.
Emily: Her mom bought a bed for her autistic kid. That looked kind of like a coffin jail cell cage and then [00:03:38 crosstalk].
Kyle: She’s not exaggerating at all.
Emily: Yes, I mean the disability subreddit win, all fund her. Oh, my goodness. Wait for it though.
Kyle: She jump into her account and the post, like she mutes her post and then she claims to discover that little thing, which you know–.
Emily: Don’t put cane in the cage. Thank you so much for listening. Bye.
Kyle: I mean, I would say that we should have to say that but it is 2019. Anyway, we’re here to talk about you guys.
Emily: Great. Yes. Well, I think we are talking about them because those were some good subreddits, we just suggested. That was our holiday gift to you.
Kyle: Check them out.
Emily: For real though, it’s been a good year. I will say and I’m sure many of you who have been listening for a while have noticed that we definitely did not record as frequently as we have in years past and that’s not because we love you any less. Mommy and daddy don’t love you any less. Can I even say that it just got weird?
Kyle: No, you can say that. I’m not taking out so.
Emily: It’s in there now, but both of us are a little busy.
Kyle: Yes.
Emily: Yes.
Kyle: We’re not using that as an excuse or merely pointing that fact out as a testament to how much we love to make episodes and how if we had the time we would be making so many more of them, but I do think that although, our episodes have been fewer I would say they’ve stepped up in quality like we’ve had many guests this year.
Emily: If we do say so ourselves. We are really nailing it.
Kyle: Yes.
Emily: We should honestly be on the iTunes top charts. Come on people, let’s step it up. Let’s go.
Kyle: Let’s review five stars like but it’s no– but seriously, it has been a challenging year balancing all the crap we’re doing with our podcast, but we keep coming back to it because stuff keeps annoying us and you keep annoying each other and in this is our outlet to express.
Emily: Honestly, I wasn’t going to admit this to the people who are listening to us, but I feel like they need to know that we got so busy at one point, we almost let things fall to the Wayside not like we were going to stop podcasting just like we had a moment where we weren’t keeping up with things as well as we should and then we open our inbox and there was an email from Spotify and they were like, will you be on a panel and it was five days before the panel when we finally saw the email and we spent maybe 48 hours repeatedly beating ourselves up and possibly crying real tears over the fact that we miss this opportunity, so let us just say we do not always have it together or ever well.
Kyle: But we definitely do have an email frame that our respective walls as a reminder never to let that happen again.
Emily: Yes, still that was a very hard lesson in why we should not be neglecting the podcast and I feel I just wanted to have that real moment with you that whenever life gets in the way sometimes your passion projects tend to be the first thing to go but we are not letting this baby die,
Kyle: Ever, we love to do it. We love that you guys care about what we have to say. We love that you’re willing to give us feedback.
Emily: Can we talk about Feedback?
Kyle: We love that somebody support us. yes, we talked about feedback.
Emily: I love that people give us feedback and honestly, I think my favorite thing has been as of late, I’ve had a couple of people who have said that they feel less alone because of us and also somebody who recently went back in our archives and went back in our Facebook archives and was commenting on episodes from 2018. Most recently, I think it was one about language. Shout out to you because that’s really cool thing you want to do to engage enough that you’re willing to kind of go back in the archives and see what hidden gems are in there.
Kyle: It just goes to show like episodes that we might not think are best might be some of your favorite episodes, you never know what gets through to somebody and that’s part of the reason why we do this.
Emily: Yes, so keep sharing your feedback because it’s so important. We often feel as disabled people I would say that it’s easy to exist in an echo chamber.
Kyle: Yes, and we’ve done more than one episode on that on the show, and I mean we know as much as you do. Like Emily said it’s very easy to feel like you’re stuck there and when we get a message that says like oh I listen to your thing, and it made me think about things differently or it like Emily said before, like it makes us makes you feel less alone. That feels so good.
Emily: But it’s not like it feels good because we think we’re doing such a good deed or whatever. It feels good because we have also felt that way.
Kyle: Yes, that’s why we’re putting it out. That’s what this is. It’s like this is what we think about something and to knowing you feel that on a level is I don’t know makes me feel really good.
Emily: It’s kind of like reddit shower thoughts except a podcast, except about disability.
Kyle: No, it’s exactly what this show is. We should use it on our beaches. What’s your podcast about. It has been the shower thought. It’s like that but with wheelchairs.
Emily: Okay, question time. What was your favorite episode that we did in 2019?
Kyle: Pay us please.
Emily: It’s your grantor.
Kyle: I know but it was a good one and you’re allowed to have the same answer.
Emily: No, the whole point of this podcast is that we are consistently pretending to get odds.
Kyle: Oh, okay. You’re right. You’re right. I’m sorry. Excuse me. My favorite episode was the one about bathrooms because I have to pick something that I disagree with you about.
Emily: Great, but you don’t disagree with me about bathrooms. You just disagree with me about [00:10:16 crosstalk] except you done it all the time, we could both have the same favorite.
Kyle: About an episode trust. This is how we really are real life.
Emily: Oh, I’m flossing my teeth right now.
Kyle: She does that all the time, flossing her teeth, clean your glasses, blowing nose. I mean, she never said still this one. I mean, it’s ridiculous. Whenever about in public with her, I just get dizzy.
Emily: One time, he put his hand on my glasses. That’s it. That’s the whole story.
Kyle: Specifically, because I knew it would bother her and I’m a terrible friend.
Emily: It really upset me. It almost ended our friendship and the podcast.
Kyle: Yes, I didn’t think you’d be that serious. Like I felt terrible afterwards.
Emily: Anyway, the only thing that pain disabled people was my favorite episode is because you should pay disabled people.
Kyle: It was part of a bigger conversation about creative people getting stiffed. In general, but even in creative circles, I mean like we said in the episode, I think disable people are routinely forgotten. I want to know how it’s specialized and I’m not saying that because we’re born disabled we know things that no one else can learn but I am saying that first-hand knowledge on the subject tends to be valuable in any other situation, but with us, it’s sort of like whatever you could just tell us, right?
Emily: Yes, like you definitely would not say Oh, well, we’re not going to pay you for your plumbing services.
Kyle: Yes, I mean and the thing is the most people would agree with that ridiculous but to us, it’s the same thing. Anyway, if you wanted to hear us rant about that just go listen to the episode. It’s a really good one.
Emily: Yes, that was just a little preview. I think we tackled some pretty good issues this year, and I know we already have a couple lined up for next year, but I’m really interested to hear what you all would like us to cover and I know that we have gotten a fair amount of requests to do episodes on things that we don’t end up doing and the reason for that is that we’re usually looking to have the broadest appeal. Sometimes if there’s something very specific and we’re not super experts on it, we might not do it. But if there are bigger topics that you want us to touch on don’t hesitate to send it because you never know what’s going to spark the episode idea.
Kyle: I really couldn’t have said that better. How good was that everyone? I can’t hear what you’re saying in response to my question, but I know that you’re agreeing with me because that was marvelous.
Emily: That’s Kyle speak for I’m going to let Emily say all the words.
Kyle: I mean you’re doing a fine job.
Emily: You can saw words too.
Kyle: Now, we do have a ton plan for next year and we’re actually going to stick to a schedule and you can hold us to that because we’re going to do it and it’s going to be great.
Emily: We are? Who thou can do this to me. All right, we got this. We got this.
Kyle: Now, we’re actually seriously very much do a lot of cool stuff coming and as always, we can’t wait to share with you and we hope that it will excite you as much as it’s exciting us.
Emily: I realize Kyle didn’t actually sound enthusiastic, so let’s try that again. Whoa.
Kyle: We have stuff. Knowing it’s so cool. We’re just tired, guys. But we can’t wait, but you’re going to have you.
Emily: Yes, but there’s some cool stuff coming in January. Really big cool stuff that we’ve been sitting on for a little while. Okay, it’s not actually that big but we think it’s freaking cool.
Kyle: If we do say so and I mean come on.
Emily: Stick with us in 2020 because it’s going to be a wild ride.
Kyle: You know who doesn’t have 2020 vision, either of us.
Emily: There are so many 2020 vision jokes to be made.
Kyle: Well, you know they say hindsight is 2020 so.
Emily: That I feel is ableist.
Kyle: Yes, probably. Someone should really do something about that.
Emily: Yes, that’s all other episode. Have we done one on disability and language?
Kyle: We have but not on specific expressions, which I think is kind of cool to pick them apart and to not necessarily explain why tables because I think our audience knows but like more ponder about why we’re okay with using such ones like that.
Emily: There you go. We have an episode idea for 2020. If you’re interested in being a language nerd along with us then you all come back now, you hear.
Kyle: Listen, we really appreciate you and we hope you have a great winter holiday. Whichever one you celebrate.
Emily: I celebrate Hanukkah.
Kyle: I pretend to celebrate Christmas.
Emily: Whatever it is that you celebrate, we hope you have a wonderful one and if you’re not celebrating anything then we hope you do find joy in this time of year, which at least where we are is the pit dreary.
Kyle: Yes, if you’re listening from the southern hemisphere, we are very much jealous of you at this moment because it is miserable up here. Anyway.
Emily: We should have not happy–.
Kyle: You look great today.
Emily: Oh, see now is a happier note.
Kyle: Emily, you look even great.
Emily: Oh, my God. Thank you.
Kyle: You’re welcome, and if you’re listening to this pulling a cup of hot chocolate and wearing a really ugly sweater then you’re our kind of people and if you’re not doing that, guess what, you’re still our kind of people because you’re great and you like our show.
Emily: Recommendation, if you’re in the mode for something interesting that has nothing to do with hot chocolate or tea or coffee, warm almond milk with maple syrup vanilla and cinnamon is delicious.
Kyle: I will have to try that. That sounds amazing.
Emily: It tastes like rice pudding, but without the rice.
Kyle: This is now a cooking podcast. This is exactly what I wanted. Okay. Well, we’re going to go make that.
Emily: Yes. We really appreciate you tuning in to us this year and sticking with us through our silliness, our seriousness everything in between and we hope you have an extremely wonderful holiday season. A very happy New Year, and we will be back and better than ever in January 2020.
Kyle: See you later.
Emily: Bye.