Episode 6: Disability in Media

In this episode of The Accessible Stall, Kyle and Emily talk about representation of disability in media. Disabled roles should be portrayed by actors with disabilities… right? This episode was inspired by the issues surrounding the new movie Me Before You, among other things. We touch on overlooked positive representation of disability in media. There’s more than you might think, and you may be surprised.

Mentions in this episode: Peter Dinklage on saying “no”Croatian Wheelchair User Robs Bank.

Episode 5: Disability Privilege?!

Kyle and Emily talk about what is perhaps the best kept secret in the disability community: the amount of social privilege (and perks) that can potentially come with having a disability. Join us for a conversation to look into the “Area 51” of disability.

Episode 4: Identity and Microphones

Kyle and Emily butt heads this episode of The Accessible Stall that deals with disability and identity. Is disability an identity? How do we connect to our disabilities? Find out! This episode also offers improved audio quality thanks to sweet new microphones. A transcript for this episode is available for download at http://www.theaccessiblestall.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/The-Accessible-Stall-004-Identity.and_.Microphones-Transcript.pdf.