Episode 27: Disability Employment

Sorry for the wait! It’s been a long time. How have you been? It’s about time we did a proper episode on this. In this episode, we talk about disability employment. Consider this: People with disabilities are among the highest unemployed groups in the United States. We discuss this, and working in the disability field. Enjoy!

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Episode 26: Self Care and Silliness

With all that’s going on in the world, how the heck can we even begin to prioritize self care? And for that matter, what does self care really mean? In this episode, we answer those questions while keeping things light and a little silly. We discuss the struggles that come with taking care of the most important thing in your life: you.

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Episode 25: Accessibility vs. Inclusion

Is complete accessibility necessary for inclusion? Can anything be truly inclusive if it’s inaccessible? In this episode, we explore these questions and try to figure out where access and inclusivity intersect. A transcript for this episode can be found here. This transcript is due to our generous supporters on Patreon. Thank you.

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