Episode 13: Groupthink

Kyle and Emily tackle groupthink in this episode of The Accessible Stall as it relates to disability and the disability community. What does it mean, and how can we be better as a community?

Notes from this episode: This article on NPR which mentions Emily’s opinion on Hillary Clinton’s speech about disability, and Emily’s actual interview with them.

Episode 12: Speechless

On this episode of The Accessible Stall, Kyle and Emily talk about the new ABC show called Speechless! It’s a fantastic new show that showcases life with CP, and how it affects you, your family, and everyone around you.

We gush about the show, talk about what it means for the community, and talk about where it could potentially improve.

NB: We’re still testing out new recording methods, we apologize for any inconsistencies or errors, they will be fixed soon!


Episode 11: Walking and Movement

On this episode of The Accessible Stall, Kyle and Emily take a look at walking, movement, and why there isn’t one “best” way to move.

Note: We tested a new recording setup with this episode, so our apologies if things sound a little strange or different than they usually do. We’re still ironing out the kinks.