Building a Better Community: Defining Ourselves

The disability community is fickle on its best day.

This is the second episode in our mini series called Building a Better Community. In this episode, Kyle and Emily discuss our community itself, all thanks to Anderson Cooper’s coverage on drive-by lawsuits specifically as they relate to the ADA.

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Building a Better Community: Advertising

Emily and I struggle all the time with how we represent the “greater” disability community. We want to do the best we can when we produce this show. One theme that comes up constantly is the disability community itself and Emily and I agree: we need to be better.  But how can we do that?

Building a Better Community

Introducing our new mini series. In each episode, we will discuss an issue we see inside our community. We will then discuss how we would like to improve it, hopefully creating a dialog with you, our listeners, in the process. We think you’ll enjoy the first in this series, where we talk about disability and its portrayal in advertising.

Show notes: Deaf Brothers HP Commercial, Maltesers Ad