Kyle Khachadurian

Episode 4: Identity and Microphones

Kyle and Emily butt heads this episode of The Accessible Stall that deals with disability and identity. Is disability an identity? How do we connect to our disabilities? Find out! This episode also offers improved audio quality thanks to sweet new microphones. A transcript for this episode can be found here.

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Episode 3: Sex, Dating, Disability

Kyle and Emily get down and dirty about what dating and sex are like when you have a disability. How does dating differ when you’re disabled? And how do disabled people have sex anyway? Find out! Please note that this episode contains discussion of explicit subjects and might not be appropriate for all listeners. A transcript for…

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Episode 2: Help

Kyle and Emily talk about disability and different kinds of help in this episode of The Accessible Stall.  People who are visibly disabled are often subjected to help from non-disabled people – sometimes unwelcome, sometimes without even first being asked. How should disabled people respond in situations like this? And what should non-disabled people do differently? Hear…

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