Kyle Khachadurian

Episode 86: A Conversation on Systemic Racism and Ableism with D’Arcee Charington Neal

CN/TW: Police brutality, murder of unarmed Black people, systemic racism and ableism A transcript for this episode can be found here. In this episode, we talk with D’Arcee Charington Neal, a Black disabled activist and doctoral student, about intersections of race and disability in connection with ongoing reckonings against racism around the world. Follow D’Arcee…

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Episode 85: Vote for Access II

Remember when we did an episode on Vote for Access? We’re back at it. This time, we have the star and host of the series, Imani Barbarin, as our guest. You may remember Imani from our last episode with her, where we discussed her being the disability hashtag queen. A transcript for this episode can…

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