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This is where you’ll find all of our old podcast episodes. It’s an archive that lets you to listen to every episode we’ve ever recorded. Each one of these podcast episodes highlights different but important issues within the disability community. We strive to make our community better and with every episode we record, we get closer to that goal. We challenge the “expected” of the disability community whenever possible, and some of our best episodes are the ones in which we must confront our own biases. Our podcast episodes are there to give you a look into the world of disability. These issues might not affect you, as a listener, so we try to offer a “behind the curtain” look.

We welcome you to listen to us, and hopefully you will have enjoyed listening as much as we’ve enjoyed creating this. Making these is a labor of love, and we’re happy you’re along for the ride with us.

Episode 118: O Twitter, Where Art Thou? Or, where does the online DisCo go now?

we lament twitter but also it kinda sucks now but also also disabled people really used it for a lot of good work????? it’s complicated, man… xoxo, emily and kyle Click here for a transcript for this episode.

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Episode 117: Community, what is it?

This whole time we thought knowledge of the online disability community that we talk about ALL the time was like, common knowledge. But it isn’t! We talk all the time about reaching non-disabled people on this show, but it turns out, there’s a whole segment of disabled people who don’t know a lot about the…

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Episode 116: We Love Trader Joes, But Self-Care Is Important

Look, last time we talked about self-care, it was 2017 and Emily and I didn’t do that much grocery shopping yet. In all seriousness, we know we’ve been a little scarce lately, but we have exciting episodes coming. Please enjoy this episode as we talk about self-care and also how cool Trader Joe’s is. It’s…

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