Episode 1: Oranges

Kyle and Emily tackle the most pressing issue facing the disability community to date: oranges. This episode was originally recorded on March 16th, 2016 in response to the controversy in the disability community surrounding these pre-peeled oranges sold by Whole Foods.

The primary topic in this episode is choosing the right moment and reasons for picking advocacy battles. A transcript for this episode can be foundΒ here.

11 comments on “Episode 1: Oranges
  1. Joeanne says:

    “Come join us in the accessible stall” That’s clever!! Excitedly sitting down to lunch to have a listen . Good luck to you both.

    1. Kyle says:

      Thank you! I hope you enjoyed your lunch and the soothing buttery sound of our voices (in all seriousness, thank you so much!) πŸ™‚

  2. Sarah says:

    Yessss!!! CP represent!!

    1. Kyle says:

      Heck yes! πŸ™‚

  3. Chris says:

    I hadn’t heard or seen about the oranges before but, to me; it shows how difficult issues of accessibility can be. Who decides what’s important or big enough or too small? I understand your point completely but it’s so challenging. I mean, there are some who would say, “Why is it such a big deal you go to this store or church or temple or whatever, when you can simply go to that one over there that is accessible enough for you?” The same can be said with diplomacy. How many times do you try to work within the system before you cry out in frustration that the system is broken. I know there are times this is where I particularly struggle. It’s all so very complicated. I’d be happy to take up this conversation with you in more detail sometime if you’d like. Thanks for providing the platform to encourage conversation.

    1. Kyle says:

      The lines are definitely fuzzy in regards to what’s important. Molehills to one may be mountains to another. None of this is black and white–it’s part of why we do the show! Thanks for listening πŸ™‚

      1. Chris says:

        I agree and understand completely. I was just attempting to expand the point a bit based on my experience. It was definitely not meant as a negative. Thanks again for the show!

  4. Lisa Figge says:

    Hi thanks for starting you blog. Really enjoyed thinking through ideas of accessibility with you. πŸ™‚

    1. Kyle says:

      Thanks for listening! πŸ™‚

  5. Elisha says:

    Hey I’m just starting from the beginning and OVERJOYED to have found you. There are already so many things I have enthusiastically agreed and emphatically nodded/gestured to as I listen. I live in the rural Midwest with severe hearing loss and feel so isolated.

    1. Kyle Khachadurian says:

      We’re so glad to have you! Please don’t quit if you start at episode 1 though. Both Emily and I grow a ton as people since we started this show way back then! πŸ™‚

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