Episode 10: Story Time

Black text reads "Cheers to episode 10!" On a blue background, there is a picture of Kyle and Emily holding up drinks as though toasting. There are party hat graphics imposed on their heads and funny sunglasses superimposed on Kyle. To the left of the picture is toasting champagne glasses and to the right is a multicolored bunch of balloons.

On this episode of The Accessible Stall, Kyle and Emily tell you a story about what it’s like attempting to get somewhere (specifically, to the Statue of Liberty) with a disability, and why actually paying attention to what people are trying to communicate is important. A transcript for this episode can be found here.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

2 comments on “Episode 10: Story Time
  1. Erin says:

    Every time I go to the city, there’s always an accessibility fail. I’ve never tried an accessible cab – are they usually good? We usually drive in because the subways are a nightmare. We’ve been too scared to try a cab.

    1. Kyle Khachadurian says:

      Cabs are great if you don’t mind waiting but if you want fool-proof access, take a bus. Even though the two left us as you heard in the episode, the second time could have arguably been because we weren’t paying attention and didn’t “look like” we needed the bus.

      Buses are usually very punctual except for in the dense areas of the city, and you can track them stop for stop on the MTA site. Plus, if you’re a wheelchair user you can usually get on for free if they’re not those new fancy SBS ones.

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