Episode 101: Being Disabled is Kinda Like The Truman Show

We know we talked about disabled bodies in the last episode, but in this one we’re talking about how we’re made very aware of being disabled ALL THE TIME and it’s just like… do we have to do this all the time?

Click here for the transcript for this episode.

1 comment on “Episode 101: Being Disabled is Kinda Like The Truman Show
  1. Jennifer Lee says:

    Loved your show! I’ve been disability depressed for weeks (maybe, to be more accurate, years)– so, I was searching for some disability humor. I’m real tired of trying to self-motivate using logical plans and/or spiritual mantras.

    You guys have “happy” voices — I love that. Wish I could see your faces too because I watched a YouTube interview and, as it turns out, you both have cute, happy faces that are very expressive and fun to watch.

    Happiness and honesty are contagious. A daily dose of inspiration from and made by my own community would be great. Normies have a knack for saying exactly the wrong thing like “it hurts me to look at you”. So, I really like what seems to be your slogan: You’re looking good today.🙂

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