Episode 105: Emily is Mad!

Strap in, everyone. Emily is mad in this episode. Click here for a transcript for this episode.

SPEAK podcast logoThank you to our sponsor for this episode: SPEAK Podcast a disability led art podcast that features artists with developmental disabilities. The podcast is produced by BEING Studio, an art nonprofit in Ottawa, Canada. Seasons 1 and 2 are available to tune into now!

1 comment on “Episode 105: Emily is Mad!
  1. Christopher says:

    In listening to your podcast, episode 105, my only regret is that I just found your podcast because I so identified with the discussion on working from home. Last month, I was blindsided with an abrupt layoff from a job that I have worked for six-years and did not plan to ever leave, and it threw me into a deep whirlwind of a serious financial crisis. The client of my employer gave 30 days notice of terminating the contract, but my employer did not inform me until the day the contact actually terminated so, I had no opportunity to financially prepare. My job was a true rarity in my industry as typically people with physical disabilities are not permitted to be employed because clients do not want us using canes, walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs to perform our duties and employers we work for refuse to require clients to abide by laws that forbid discrimination whenever and wherever possible. Sufficive to say, after being laid off my thoughts turned to working from home to financially support myself and my adult son whom I am also guardian of because of his disabilities, as I am a single father. Of course, in being laid off I can no longer afford the cost to have Internet, so the work from home idea is out the door as I had to cancel my service as of July 20th. Nevertheless working from home, to me, is an excellent way for folks with disabilities to enhance or maintain their quality of life, contribute to society, and be “normal” (all sarcasm intended). I just wish the opportunities were abundant. Maybe some day “normal” people will finely figure out we are every bit as good and qualified as they are and capable of contributing to the workforce in positive ways. But until then, you keep up the great work that you are doing with your podcast.

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