Episode 121: This Ad Is So Cool!

This episode is sponsored by ABLEnow – tax advantaged savings accounts for eligible individuals with disabilities.The ABLEnow Logo. ABLE is written in navy, in all caps, and now is written in purple, in all lowercase. the bar on the A is the same shade of purple as the word now.




Emily and I gush over that one disability ad for a while. Enjoy! A brief summary of the episode is below:

In this episode of The Accessible Stall podcast, hosts Emily Ladau and Kyle Khachadurian discuss the recent CoorDown ad titled “Assume That I Can” which challenges assumptions about people with disabilities. They praise the ad for its accurate representation and subversive messaging, highlighting the importance of treating disabled individuals as capable and autonomous. They also touch on the need for more inclusive representation in media, and the impact of assumptions on disabled individuals. Overall, they express their enthusiasm for the ad and its positive portrayal of disability.

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You’ve seen it, but if you haven’t: Click here to see the ad.

Click here for a transcript for this episode.

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