We’re SO excited about this episode. On this episode, we have our friend, and fellow activist Carly Findlay on to talk about her activism, rude people, and Australia. Carly Findlay is an award winning writer, speaker and appearance activist. Carly has the rare, severe skin condition called Ichthyosis. You won’t believe some of the stories she has to tell. Some of them we could barely believe ourselves! Enjoy! A transcript for this episode can be found here.

Who is Carly Findlay?

She writes on disability issues for publications including ABC, Daily Life and SBS. She was named as one of Australia’s most influential women in the 2014 Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence Awards. Carly has appeared on ABC’s You Can’t Ask That and Cyber Hate with Tara Moss, and has been a regular on various ABC radio programs. She is currently writing her first book – a memoir. Read her writing on appearance diversity and disability at carlyfindlay.com.au.

She sounds cool!

She is cool. We know how to pick our guests, if we do say so ourselves. 😉 While we mainly had Carly on our show to gush about how cool she is, we also talked about the weird stuff she hears on a daily basis being someone with a visible disability. Some of them are genuinely hilarious, and her laughter is nothing short of contagious!

And, we touched on weird myths Americans believe about Australia, and of course unwanted help too, which is the gift that keeps on giving on this show. Her patience with us as ignorant Americans knows no bounds and was much appreciated.

We hope that you like this episode as much as we liked making it. We know we say that after almost every episode, but this one was a real treat to make. To say we were so excited to work with (the legendary) Carly Findlay is a huge understatement, and we welcome her back anytime!

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