Kyle Khachadurian

Episode 102: Roe v. Wade

Time for some real-talk about disability and bodily autonomy. Spoiler alert: this podcast is pro-choice, no exceptions, ever. General content note: please do not feel obligated to listen if this topic is challenging for you. Click here for a transcript for this episode.

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Episode 101: Being Disabled is Kinda Like The Truman Show

We know we talked about disabled bodies in the last episode, but in this one we’re talking about how we’re made very aware of being disabled ALL THE TIME and it’s just like… do we have to do this all the time? Click here for the transcript for this episode.

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Episode 100: Disabled Bodies Are… Weird

Can we just… talk about how weird disabled bodies are? That’s what we did in this episode. Click here for a transcript from this episode. Thank you to Aeroflow Urology for sponsoring this episode! Aeroflow Urology helps adults and children obtain the continence care products and catheters they need through their insurance benefits. Want to…

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