Episode 111: Being Disabled is Expensive

First episode of 2023 and it’s sponsored by ABLENow, tax-advantaged savings accounts for eligible individuals with disabilities.

Being disabled is expensive. Like, yeah, there’s mobility equipment and some medical devices. But there’s also grocery delivery, transportation, long-term care and, oh yeah, accessible housing. Let’s talk about it.

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1 comment on “Episode 111: Being Disabled is Expensive
  1. Lisa Geiszler says:

    The Amazon thing, which as a 95% housebound person I unhappily use, for me is about the workers and how hard they are pushed at work. I don’t want someone else getting disabled filling my order. It’s a conundrum every time I use them. And, yet, I do because with a print disability it’s difficult to find other options. I think this is an important topic to discuss as disabled people.

    And YES the disability tax is real. Also, not being able to appeal medical claims because we’re in a bad relapse and the short time they give for appeals runs out. Just lost $300 last month for this reason.

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