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Episode 115: The Accessible Stall and Liberare

In this episode, Kyle learns that there’s more to bras than he could have ever known. We sit down in conversation with Liberare‘s CEO Emma Butler and Visual Brand...

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Episode 114: Airports SUCK

Traveling is cool, but airports? God, airports just SUCK don’t they? let’s talk about that.   Click here for a transcript for this episode!

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Episode 113: Story Time VIII

emily has a story, and it’s a GOOD one.   This episode was sponsored by ABLENow! Thanks, ABLENow.

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Episode 112: MrBeast, Philanthropy, and Disability

This episode was sponsored by ABLENow!   Look. MrBeast did a thing, and we have to talk about it. If you haven’t seen the MrBeast video we’re talking about,...

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Episode 111: Being Disabled is Expensive

First episode of 2023 and it’s sponsored by ABLENow, tax-advantaged savings accounts for eligible individuals with disabilities. Being disabled is expensive. Like, yeah, there’s mobility equipment and some medical devices....

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Episode 110: Goodbye 2022. Vibe With Us.

honestly emily and i just started recording talking about stuff, and it kinda worked? we even sing the intro. we talk about community, hanging out with disabled people, and...

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Behind The Microphone

Emily Ladau

Show Host

Emily Ladau is a passionate disability rights activist, writer, speaker, and digital communications consultant. She loves the color turquoise, peacocks, and chai lattes. Her alter-ego is Leslie Knope.

Kyle Khachadurian

Show Host

Kyle Khachadurian is not as cool as Emily and has never been on Sesame Street. By day, he does non-profit communications work. By night he co-hosts and produces this podcast.

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