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Episode 81: Representation and Toys

In this episode we fangirl over American Girl dolls and talk about why there isn’t any freakin’ representation in toys, man. A transcript for this episode can be found...

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Episode 80: 2019 And Beyond

Celebrate your holidays with us with this little minisode. We hope you had a FABULOUS 2019. And we’ll see you in 2020. We’ve got SO much exciting stuff to...

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Episode 79: An Evening With Ryan J. Haddad

Ryan J. Haddad is an actor, playwright, director, and all around cool person. He’s starring in the Netflix show The Politician, where he plays Andrew, a quick-witted high school senior...

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Episode 78: Cannabis with Kings Floyd

We’re NOT doctors. This is not medical advice. Hi, we talked about cannabis in this episode. A transcript for this episode can be found here. The transcript for this...

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Episode 77: Bathrooms

CN: We swear in this episode Can you believe it took us THIS long to do an episode on bathrooms? I mean, we’re called The Accessible Stall! A transcript...

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Episode 76: The Americans With Disabilities Act

This episode of The Accessible Stall is sponsored by the law firm of Bizer & DeReus. The Law Firm of Bizer & DeReus concentrates on increasing access for persons with...

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Behind The Mic

Emily Ladau

Show Host

Emily Ladau is a passionate disability rights activist, writer, speaker, and digital communications consultant. She loves the color turquoise, peacocks, and chai lattes. Her alter-ego is Leslie Knope.

Kyle Khachadurian

Show Host

Kyle Khachadurian is not as cool as Emily and has never been on Sesame Street. By day, he works at a non-profit doing their communications work. By night he co-hosts and produces this podcast.

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